Book Review: The role of Envy from an evolutionary point of view.


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Christmas in April: His real Birthday.
The young Jesus: Transfer to a time 2000 Years ago.
The Crucifixion: The great Darkness of November 29 AD.
Calendars: Learn more about the different calendars used over time.


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Historic Beaufort

Beaufort s 304-acre National Historic Landmark District boasts a rich and diverse collection of historic architecture. While noted for the elegant landmarks of its wealthy plantation past, Beaufort also possesses significant buildings that reflect the continuum of its rich history and the cultural and economic diversity of its population. The water that surrounds three sides of the city provides a principal character-defining element of the district as do its moss-draped oaks, palmettos, crepe myrtle and other native plant life.

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Christmas In April

Setting dates sensitive to Christian belief and faith based on astronomical data might stir opposition. At the same time, using these methods to unlock the real date of Jesus' Birthday and His Crucifixion is only logical.

Should we trust prophecy as in Daniel or phyisical observations during the events and the Astronomical Almanac given that GOD made and masters the heaven and the stars?

Learn more about the time 2000 Years ago and discover Jesus' early Years.

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